Riki Dalal

Riki Dalal is a Haute Couture bridal gown designer producing luxurious dresses that capture sophisticated glamour at its finest.  Lavish details and extravagant fabrics make each dress a statement piece exuding romantic elegance.


The Rish vibe captures Boho-Glam perfectly, giving stylish, adventurous brides an extraordinary selection of gowns with stunning silhouettes, artful embroidery, and chic details.  Rish is a perfect choice for an adventurous bride who has a love for styles that exude a bohemian element mixed with a blush of glamour.


Vagabond designer, Valery Zelenyuk, aims to create timeless designs that capture the confidence and femininity of modern brides.  The Vagabond collections cater to all contemporary tastes, including timeless looks with clean silhouettes, statement pieces with a touch of bohemian romance or a subtle edginess of rock n roll glam.